Who are we?

We are part of Lasco Enterprises (Max’s Wine Dive, The Tasting Room Wine Cafe and Boiler House Texas Grill and Wine Garden) which, as a whole, is one of the largest restaurant wine buyers in Texas.

What do we do?

We leverage our wine purchasing opportunities and pass along the unique savings directly to you. Our sole purpose and value proposition is providing one-of-a-kind deals on wine.

Can you explain this further?

Yes. We have no dedicated employees, no operating hours, and very low overhead. We are not a liquor store or a wine bar. All we have is a website (that we built ourselves) and two temperature-controlled locations where we store and hold wine for pick-ups (by appointment only). Our wine selection is not organized by varietal or region, it’s simply based on the best deals available in the Texas market this week. We purchase wine at incredible prices and then find good homes for it.

Is it possible to taste a wine before purchasing?

Yes. We hold tastings for our premier members so that they can try wines before making their purchases. Additionally, many of our wines are found on our wine lists at our restaurants. Come try before you buy!

How do I get invited to these tastings?

Occasionally we’ll have tastings for the public, but mostly they are invite-only opportunities for those who we think will make the most out of them.

Why did we start The Black Door?

To get the lowest pricing on a label, it’s often necessary that we purchase the entire quantity of the wine in the state which can be thousands of bottles. As a result, we flood our restaurants with huge case stacks of wine that our guests can then get to enjoy at a great value. However, given the quantities we must purchase it makes sense to create a retail program. The Black Door not only allows us to continue making these extremely large purchases and deals, but it also provides an additional opportunity to sell wine directly to you to collect or enjoy at home.

Is there a minimum purchase quantity?

Yes. Our ability to offer these wines at the prices we do requires us to move through this inventory quickly. Therefore, there is a minimum of 6 bottles per purchase. They don’t all have to be the same, so feel free to mix and match. Once you’ve found some favorites, come back and grab a case.

How are we able to purchase high quality wine at extremely low prices?

Various reasons. Sometimes a winery or supplier is changing distributors and the old distributor wants the wine out of their warehouse ASAP. Sometimes it’s because a new vintage is coming in and the old vintage needs to go (sometimes vintages stack up two or three deep until finally, the warehouse manager has an urgent call to action). These wines have been stored in temperature-controlled warehouses and the quality is excellent.

Do we deliver?


How do I get my wine if you don’t deliver?

We have a storage facility near the Galleria and another in Montrose. Different wines are located at each, so you’ll be advised where you can pick up your wine, generally within 48 hours of purchase, by appointment only. If you need to make special arrangements to pick up your wine, email Mr. Black.

What are our store hours?

We don’t have any. We open our door for two reasons:

1. To taste the wine (invitation only)

2. To take the wine from our shelves to your car (appointment only)

How do we communicate?

If you send us an email, we will reply within 24 hours. That allows us to communicate from wherever we are and creates a record of these communications.

Do we guarantee the quality of our wine?

Yes! We taste and evaluate every wine prior to our purchase and our guarantee is simple and black and white. If you are not happy with the wine for any reason, we will issue a credit or refund your money. No questions asked.

Why don’t we have phones?

Because we don’t even have employees. Everyone involved, especially Mr. Black, has another job at Lasco that keeps them busy. The whole cycle of life here is built around no overhead. Besides, you don’t want to sit on hold or wait for a call back--do you?

If The Black Door doesn’t have dedicated employees, how can we provide good service?

By limiting what we promise.

  • We will offer great wine at extremely high value

  • We will arrange and facilitate your pick-up of purchases

  • We will guarantee all purchases with a no questions asked return policy